Backup in your infrastructue is that insurance premium of service that you pay and you never wish to use. But when you do, you also want guranteed benefits/commintments from it. Most of the backup solutions today are file based backups, they are slow, they eat up performance of the OS/application and cost good amount of your IT budgets and yet take a long time restoring data from it. In today’s era, where most of the workloads and servers have virtualized you need a backup solution that can backup your data faster and restores it even faster to reduce the RTO. Veeam Backup and replication is the solution that you are looking for. A very robust and up to date technology where the backups happen based on hypervisor generated snapshots of VMs and that also caters the requests coming from physical servers or appliances.

A very precise and narrowed recovery of a database transcation log or a recovery of a password from your AD, or be it a recovery of a deleted email from the exchange server is now possible. With the help of certified and experienced RACS engineers you can be assured that your insurance premium/backup investment is always ready to deliver whenever it is required. From the stage of deployments, to create the jobs or doing the reporting of jobs, RACS help you at every stage.

Call the RACS sales representative today and do leverage a 30 day trial from Veeam to learn and experience more. RACS does offer managed services for backup infrastructures and does acts like your own backup admin.