RACS has experience and highly qualified professionals who create and design most effective multimedia animations, catalogs and what not.

Computer Based Tutorials (CBT’s) are the training modules that help you to impart training in a very interactive and entertaining manner. While retaining our focus on dynamism and innovations, we design the modules to make learning more convenient and effortless. It integrates visual appeal and interactivity with education to give a distinction to the educational modules.

RACS has experience and highly qualified professionals who create and design most effective computer based tutorials.

RACS has expertise in designing various video games that can be played on computer offline or online games. Online games are more popular these days. Online games can range from simple text based environments to games incorporating complex graphics and virtual worlds populated by many players simultaneously.

RACS produces high quality 2D and 3D animations. Our animators render every line, color and shade accurately and in detail. The final animation will flow just like a movie; but best of all, the cost of computer generated illustrations, renderings and animations are actually less expensive than hand-drawn methods, not to mention quicker.

A corporate presentation is a formal introduction of business practices or products.

RACS provides services to design the two most common types of corporate presentations, sales presentations and intra-organization presentations. The fine quality of corporate presentations designed by RACS are always winning whether they are conducted by suppliers in front of a potential client or customer or are conducted by one or more members of an organization to their coworkers.

An attractive catalogue is not the one with numerous colors and images randomly pasted on a piece of paper, but a systematic arrangement of images and information in a balanced manner. Even if it’s attractive, it’s quite important to be effective.

When you hire RACS to design your business catalogue, you would receive the most creative and effective design. Every design is customized according to the needs and goals of the client. Hence, you would never find a mundane pattern. It’s all vibrant, varied, and effective.

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As a small game development studio in the past, we almost never faced challenges with management of the business. Now we have over 100 professionals in the state, and it’s hard to deal with on our own. I can’t imagine how things would have turned if not RA Counsulting Service

Manager, Barcles