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RA Consulting Services combined with HP (Hewlett-Packard) provides just the edge you need to excel in your business. The explosive rise of applications presents both opportunities and challenges for your enterprise. As your business becomes more complex, you need to respond quickly to changing needs while maintaining control and simplifying operations. HP Software gives you the power to gain connected intelligence for the new style of enterprise – anytime, anywhere, quickly and securely.

No matter what stage your business is in, you need to be free to focus on future innovations and HP has designed the cutting edge tools and solutions that fits these needs.

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HPE Simplivity

The explosive rise of applications presents both opportunities and challenges for your enterprise. Well-executed apps breed loyalty, innovation, and growth. Getting there requires meeting user demand for apps that are enjoyable, intuitive, feature new functionality, and are delivered quickly with high quality. New apps must seamlessly integrate information from cloud-based and traditional applications to multiple device types. And they must be deployed cost effectively to help manage your organization’s current applications. HP Application Transformation is designed to deliver on these requirements. It’s time to build a better enterprise. Together.

Together, we can design application solutions that deliver engaging customer experiences and increase productivity. When you combine the user experience talents with the technology know-how of HP, the possibilities are endless.

Deliver multi-channel, innovative application solutions seamlessly when you embrace HP hybrid-cloud technology. Integrate your cloud-based and traditional applications to dynamically answer the demands of your organization.

Build a strategy for your applications ecosystem and respond to the requirements of your next generation of apps. An integrated architecture will simplify the jobs of your developers, administrators, and employees—all while keeping complexity low and reducing costs.

Application Transformation from HP enables you to design, integrate and deliver modern apps while evolving your organization’s traditional applications. Are your applications ready for the new style of IT?

HP offers a broad and flexible portfolio based on open source standards and leveraging a comprehensive partner ecosystem. Choose the model that best fits your needs— end to end.

Infrastructure: Start with infrastructure that can capture, store, replicate, and scale information at the speed you need. Innovative technologies such as HP StoreAll and HP BladeSystem provide true competitive advantage.

Management: Manage, secure, govern, and leverage information seamlessly and simply across your organization. Innovation such as HP Converged AppSystem for Hadoop provide an integrated, single-solution model for reliable and cost-effective deployments.

Insight: Be reactive faster, and pro-active sooner with insights provided by techonologies that include HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, and HP AppSystem for SAP HANA. Make 100% of your information work.

Services: Start anywhere, whether with massively scalable structured analytics or efficient insight into unstructured or semi-structured data. Take advantage of HP’s comprehensive services offerings at any stage.

As your business becomes more complex, you need to respond quickly to changing needs while maintaining control and simplifying operations.

The HP Helion portfolio of cloud products and services provides the answer. It creates an open ecosystem with a common management structure. And it integrates easily into your business through a wide range of delivery models.

It’s your key to an open, secure, and agile environment that becomes the very fabric of your enterprise.

Converged infrastructure packages multiple information technology (IT) components into a single, optimized computing solution. Components of a converged infrastructure solution include servers, data storage devices, networking equipment and software for IT infrastructure management, automation and orchestration.

Converged infrastructure is used by IT organizations to centralize the management of IT resources, consolidate systems, increase resource utilization rates, and lower costs. These objectives are enabled by the creation of pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared by multiple applications and managed in a collective manner using policy driven processes.

IT vendors and industry analysts use various terms to describe the concept of a converged infrastructure. These include converged system, unified computing, fabric-based computing, and dynamic infrastructure.

By correlating and analyzing your information you can identify threats before there’s a problem. See how HP does it with market-leading technology, an enterprise perspective, and experienced people — delivered how you want it through managed services, cloud services, consulting services and technology products.

Security threats are growing in frequency, type and complexity. The traditional, siloed model for security just can’t keep up. What’s more, you must address IT trends such as cloud, mobility, and big data to compete. Hear about our recommended approach to enterprise security and risk management: It’s proactive, intelligent, and integrated. We can help you do this by building security in, making it intelligent, and protecting what matters most.

No matter what stage your business is in, you need to be free to focus on future innovations and HP has designed the Just Right IT program to grant you that freedom. With networking, storage, servers, services, printing, scanning and computing solutions tailored to fit your needs at each stage of your company’s development—let us handle your IT.

Small Business solutions
Whether you need basic technologies to launch your business, or you’re poised to expand into new territories, HP Just Right IT offers end-to-end technology solutions—including servers, storage, networking, and services—designed to meet your needs at each stage of your development.

Midsize business solutions
For midsize businesses, HP offers a range of solutions in the Just Right IT family that can take your business to the next level. We’ll help you address key concerns specific to those areas you care about most—consolidation, collaboration, and continuity, to name a few.

HP Software gives you the power to gain connected intelligence for the new style of enterprise – anytime, anywhere, quickly and securely.

Application Lifecycle Management
ALM software and solutions from HP provide the visibility and collaboration you need to master the modern application lifecycle and bring agility to your enterprise.

Automation and Cloud Management
IT automation and cloud management software from HP enables you to automate delivery and comprehensively manage heterogeneous infrastructure, applications, and hybrid cloud services with compliance.

Big Data & Analytics
Big Data and analytics software and solutions from HP, ArcSight, Vertica and Autonomy bring meaning, extended value and security to your data.

Business Service Management
HP’s Business Service Management (BSM) software and solutions provide intelligence and actionable insights to manage the performance of enterprise applications, systems, networks and storage.

Enterprise Security
HP’s enterprise security software and solutions provide a proactive approach to security that integrates information correlation, application analysis and network-level defense.

Mobile app solutions
Mobile applications software and solutions from HP help you mobilize your enterprise by speeding up app delivery while keeping the user experience secure.

Service & Portfolio Management
HP’s Service and Portfolio Management software and solutions allow you to access comprehensive IT and business services that propel your enterprise to growth and innovation.

Data center solutions
Data centers are at a breaking point. HP FlexFabric offers a new architectural approach that provides simplified, scalable and automated connectivity for virtualized compute, storage and cloud through a common data center fabric – delivering end-to-end software-defined network services in the data center.

HP FlexFabric delivers three essential customer benefits;

  • Simplification— reducing operational data center networking complexity by up to 75%
  • Scalability— double the fabric scaling of existing data center solutions
  • Automation— cutting data center network provisioning time from months to minutes

Network management software

Intelligent Management Center — Network Management for Any Network

Keeping pace with new and existing requirements when managing networks — BYOD, cloud, virtualization and Software Defined Networking is a tall order for IT managers.

You need a new type of network management, one that consolidates all of the various element management tools while still addressing new networking trends and that solution is HP’s single-pane-of-glass multivendor network management, Intelligent Management Center (IMC).

  • Greater visibility of the entire network
  • Increased efficiency with tool consolidation across vendors and network functions
  • Greater agility with tools that address today’s trends and challenges

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

The HP Software-defined Networking (SDN) provides an end-to-end solution to automate the network from data center to campus and branch. Expanding the innovation of SDN, HP SDN ecosystem delivers resources to develop and create a market place for SDN applications.

The HP SDN ecosystem delivers the following benefits:

  • Simple– programmable network with open standards infrastructure
  • Agile– dynamically change how your network responds to business needs
  • Automated– rapid deployment of applications


Switch solutions for agile networks

HP FlexNetwork architecture brings consistent and open standards–based networking to enterprise networks in the data center, campus and branches. HP networking switches offer high performance, scalability, and a wide range of features for core to edge connectivity that dramatically reduces network complexity and lowers cost of ownership.

  • Campus and Branch– Extending SDN simplicity with FlexCampus FlexBranch
  • Data Center– Virtualized with the power of FlexFabric and SDN.
  • Small Business– Your own affordable, scalable solutions.

Wireless LAN

Without question, wireless LAN (WLAN) access is available in nearly every work environment. We simply want and need to stay connected-everywhere. All the time.

Your users need the ability to access the network and associated services from wherever they are-regardless of connection method-wired or wireless. With HP FlexNetwork wireless LAN solutions, your organization gains a reliable, flexible, agile and unified network that can help you enjoy the productivity, cost and innovation benefits of a mobile-centric world.

Unified Wired & Wireless LAN access
Unify your wired and wireless networks with HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) “single-pane-of-glass“ management software.

Enhanced scalability and performance
Boost your wireless network reliability and performance and scale as needed..

Flexible services
Take advantage of comprehensive HP services and support, designed to meet your unique needs..

Optimized connectivity
Enhance your WLAN connectivity and user experience..

Robust wired & WLAN security
Secure the entire integrated wired/wireless network, including all “BYOD” personal devices..

Backup, Recovery and Archive
Overcome legacy protection and retention challenges, modernize processes, and lower costs with the industry’s fastest and broadest tape and disk portfolio.

Converged storage
Eliminate the boundaries between IT silos and enable software-defined datacenters with architectures that dramatically simplify storage deployment and boost ROI.

Software-defined storage
Reduce cost up to 80% by eliminating dedicated hardware. Run shared storage, disk backup and application VMs on the same server.

Storage Networking
Accelerate connections from servers to storage with fabric offerings from entry to director class switches, plus HBAs, optics, and cables to complete your solution.

Enhance the benefits of virtualized client and server deployments with next-generation architectures.


IDOL, the OS for Human Information

With HP IDOL, you can access, analyze, understand, and act on large amounts of human information from virtually any source, including both cloud and on premise, including text, image, audio, video, social media, and structured data in databases. These capabilities make IDOL the OS for human information.

HP IDOL Functions

Built on mathematical foundations of probabilistic modelling and pattern-matching, IDOL forms an understanding of content that powers functions to analyze text, video, audio, image, or all of the above. IDOL is a true enterprise platform designed to solve your toughest challenges. hardest problems.

HP IDOL Connectors

HP IDOL Connectors perform the work of extracting data from any type of repository and indexing the data into HP IDOL for information processing. Each connector extracts the entire content of a given file to ensure complete accuracy. With access to virtually every piece of content, IDOL provides a 360-degree view of your organization’s data assets.


HP’s HAVEn platform brings together everything you need to profit from Big Data. Comprised of hardware, software, and services, HAVEn helps you make the critical business transformation to connected intelligence and analytics-driven decision making.


  • Information Analytics
  • Unified Information Access
  • Information Archiving
  • eDiscovery
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Data Protection
  • Marketing Optimization
  • Customer Communications Management


Products for IT

  • HP IDOL Connectors
  • HP IDOL for Hadoop
  • HP KeyView
  • HP Surveillance
  • HP Healthcare Analytics
  • HP Broadcast Monitoring
  • HP Universal Search
  • HP Process Automation
  • HP TeleForm
  • HP Data Protector
  • HP Connected Backup
  • HP LiveVault

Products for Legal & Compliance

  • HP Consolidated Archive
  • HP Legal Hold
  • HP eDiscovery
  • HP Universal Search for WorkSite
  • HP Scrittura
  • HP Structured Data Manager
  • HP Supervisor
  • HP Digital Safe
  • HP WorkSite
  • HP WorkSite Records Manager
  • HP Records Manager
  • HP ControlPoint
  • HP Flow CM

Products for Marketing

  • HP TeamSite CMS
  • HP MediaBin
  • HP Qfiniti
  • HP Optimost
  • HP Explore
  • HP Media Aggregation Service
  • HP Digital Marketing Hub


The HP Vertica Analytics Platform enables organizations to manage and analyze massive volumes of data quickly and reliably with no limits or business compromises that typically accompany traditional enterprise data warehouses. You can also accelerate business value from a vastly expanded variety of data by exploring and analyzing of all forms of data, including “dark data.” And with expanded deployment options, you get the flexibility to deploy analytics where it’s needed – on industry-standard hardware, virtual machines, or in the cloud.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform

The next-generation analytics platform that shines a light on dark data. With the ever-growing volume, variety, and velocity of data, you can’t let analytical query performance get in the way of your most important business decisions. With HP Vertica Enterprise Edition software you get high-performance data analytics for all of your data to make better business decisions in real time.

HP Vertica Flex Zone

The latest product addition to the HP Vertica Analytics Platform allows organizations to explore semi-structured data with the ease of SQL, simplifies preparation, extraction and access to data, and taps into the power of the HP Vertica Analytics Platform to ultimately monetize your data.

HP ConvergedSystems 300 for Vertica

Simplify your approach to big data analytics with HP converged infrastructure. HP ConvergedSystems 300 for Vertica is a pre-tested, pre-integrated, and workload-optimized solution that shortens your deployment time for HP Vertica.


Organizations are struggling to derive business value from ever expanding Big Data. Legacy data warehousing and analytics platforms don’t deliver the speed and scale necessary in today’s Big Data world. HP Vertica provides the speed and scale necessary to find the insights hidden in massive amounts of data.

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Modernization
  • Customer Analytics Solutions
  • Patient Analytics
  • Operations Analytics
  • Hadoop Acceleration
  • Communications & Service Providers
  • Financial Services
  • Web 2.0 & Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Sensor Analytics
  • Purpose Built For OEM

Have you ever wondered that there shall be only one solution in your datacenter which could give you compute, storage, backup, replication, a private cloud as well as a features likes easy scalability, remote office branch office setups with only one node and highly redundant, and while doing all that keep your IT cost under control. Then dear viewer you are looking for HPE Simplivity.RACS being a valued HPE partner offers a complete cosulting services from sizing to deploying the solution in your datacennter.

Based on HPE’s best seller DL380 Proliant servers, Simplivity delivers an incredible Hyper Converged Infrastructure which is very easily scalable like just sliding one box in your rack. It gives you a complete control from a centralized view, where you can take backups, do replication and many more. The solution is uses the virtualization technology from VMware vSphere to give the users as much transparency as possible.

RACS has certified technicians who have immense experience on this platform. RACS has been serving HPE customers since decades. No additional support costs for multiple components when you move to HPE Simplivity, every thing is bundled within the solution.All of this plus R A Consulting Service’s very efficient and promising services will keep your day to day IT life easy and will allow you to focus on things that you great at.

Are you an IT admin/manager/consultant thiking of a storage solution that does offer you a faster IOPS, connects to multiple cloud platforms, gives you All-Flash configs along with SSD caching options for a hybrid solution, does help you keeping your disaster recovery site without the need of buying expensive site replication tools and still save you money. Then you are looking at Nimble storage from HPE and RACS shall be your choice to deploy and service it for you because of their great experience on this solution. Yes, we are calling it a solution as it is not there to JUST offer you storage at a very cost effective price.

RACS proposes Nimble to all of its clients where there is an need of solution which requires higher IOPs value, can be scalable, and reduces the RPO/RTO in case of a disaster.

RACS believes that our customer shall not be paying for each and every feature that a storage could offer and HPE’s Nimble Storage respects that and hence the customers get all in one cost. RACS can help you by analying your existing needs and create a roadmap for you and will help you till the deployment and be available for post sales services as well.

A storage which is higly resilient, efficient and great in data mobility is very hard to find. But thanks to HPE, 3PAR storage is available and with the help of RACS you can have it rightly configured and placed in your datacenter. HPE 3PAR is a beast when it comes to performance and with a very less rate of hardware failures, this could be a saviour for many storage admins. RACS certified engineers can help you start from sizing to the deplpyment and later at service stages as well of HPE 3PAR devices.

A very robust and its flash optimized architecture helps to keep the cost low. It can be extended and could be used at DR sites for specific requirements. RACS can help you scale up and scale out on your existing HPE 3PAR storage.